Attorney Helps with Maryland Divorce Modifications

What to do when your financial situation changes

When you dissolve your marriage, the court approves the arrangements for spousal and child support and other issues based on the spouses’ financial circumstances at that particular moment in time. But things change. One ex-spouse can lose a job, become disabled, inherit a fortune or win the lottery, and the original terms of the divorce suddenly are no longer fair or reasonable. When you need to modify the terms of your divorce, the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee is ready to help.

When you can modify the terms of your divorce

You must have a good reason for a divorce modification. Simply wanting to pay less or receive more is not a sufficient justification for a modification. Maryland courts grant modifications only when you, your ex-spouse or your children have experienced a significant change in circumstances, such as:

  • Your income has increased or decreased by 35 percent or more
  • Your ex-spouse’s income has increased or decreased by 35 percent or more
  • Your child’s financial needs have increased or decreased because of a change in health or disability status, or simply because the child is older
  • You or your ex-spouse inherits money
  • You or your ex-spouse becomes unemployed
  • You or your ex-spouse has reason to believe the original arrangement was based on fraud or concealment, in which case the modification may be retroactive
  • A threat to your child’s health or safety becomes apparent

How to modify your arrangement in Maryland

After your divorce, there are two ways you can obtain a child custody or support modification.

First, once every three years you or your ex-spouse may request that the state enforcement office reviews your current arrangement. If the enforcement office determines that a change in child support or custody would be in the child’s best interests, the office has the authority to make the necessary adjustments.

Second, you or your ex-spouse can file a motion with the court for a modification of the terms of the divorce, alimony, child support or child custody at any time. If you convince the court that a significant change in circumstances warrants a modification, the court will order a new arrangement.

In Maryland, if you seek a modification only of your alimony arrangement, the court evaluates only the changes to your and your ex-spouse’s financial situations and does not consider factors that involve your child.

When you are seeking or opposing a modification of the terms of your alimony, child support or child custody, you should be represented by an experienced family law attorney.

Learn more about a divorce modification today

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