Separation Agreements

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Helping clients who have decided to legally separate

Many couples in troubled marriages in Maryland try legal separation before taking the permanent step of a traditional divorce. A legal separation, also known as a limited divorce, can make it easier to later file for a traditional divorce, which is known as an absolute divorce in Maryland. If you or your spouse wants to separate, an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee can advise you of your options and then draft a separation agreement that protects your interests.

Who should consider a separation agreement in Maryland

You must have valid grounds to obtain an absolute divorce in Maryland. For many couples, legal separation is a pathway to no-fault absolute divorce. But legal separation does not make sense for every couple. If you and your spouse have comparable incomes, little or no debt and no children, and see separation only as a step toward a no-fault absolute divorce, a separation agreement may not be necessary. In Maryland, you can now attain no-fault divorce by simply living apart for 12 consecutive months.

However, if you have children or unequal incomes, or can’t agree on how to divide your property, a separation agreement may be the answer, even if you intend to eventually obtain an absolute divorce. Separation agreements resolve the following issues for the duration of your limited divorce:

  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation schedules
  • Health insurance
  • Who lives in the family home
  • Who has control over other property, including vehicles

Separation agreements address many of the issues you encounter in a Maryland divorce. The separation agreement can be thought of as a template for your eventual divorce arrangement. But with a separation agreement you are still legally married and cannot remarry until you are fully divorced.

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