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Family law deals with all types of domestic issues relating to households, relationships, and families. Because of their deeply personal nature, these issues can evoke strong emotions and intense disputes between the parties involved. Your wellbeing and that of your children can be deeply impacted by how these issues are resolved, both now and in the long term. That is why it is vital to get the help of a skilled family law attorney who has extensive experience in the local courts, compassion for what you are going through, and a fighting spirit for what you want to achieve in the legal process.

Our Rockville family law lawyer at The Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee has been representing individuals and families in family law matters since 1985. With over three decades of experience, we are well-equipped to handle your case, no matter how complex or difficult it may appear to be. Our attorney not only provides you with legal proficiency but with the emotional support you need during a family law crisis. Attorney Lee’s background in psychology and counseling has informed and enhanced her perception of clients’ emotional and mental needs and has given her strong communication skills; these assets bring you exceptional assistance at a time when it is needed the most. 

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Family Law Matters We Handle

At The Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, we advise and represent clients in all types of family-related issues. Because we practice family law exclusively, we have a comprehensive understanding of how Maryland statutes and precedents can impact your particular issue. We strive to help you keep emotions in check so you can focus on the realities of your situation. Our attorney achieves as much as possible through negotiation but does not hesitate to take your case to court when issues cannot be resolved amicably.

Family law matters can include:

  • Divorce. Our firm can help with uncontested, contested, military, same-sex, and high-net worth cases. We can assist you in resolving all divorce-related issues through mediation as an alternate dispute resolution method to save you time, money, and the stress of litigation.
  • Child custody and visitation. This is often one of the most difficult issues to resolve for parents in a pending divorce, paternity action, or post-divorce situation, such as when a parent seeks to relocate with shared children. 
  • Child support. All parents are obligated to provide financial as well as emotional support for minor children who are subject to divorce, separation, or to the difficulties of never-married parents living apart.
  • Domestic violence. Where you have suffered any type of domestic abuse, we can help you get  protective orders through the courts; these restraining orders can stop further violent or abusive behavior or threats of such behavior against you, your children, or other family members.
  • Premarital agreements. These written contracts outline each party’s rights and responsibilities related to property and financial matters should the upcoming marriage end in divorce.
  • Post-marital agreements. These written contracts have the same purpose as premarital agreements; they are created after the marriage has already taken place.
  • Separation agreements. These agreements set forth the terms of your legal separation; issues may involve custody and support matters, and more.
  • Spousal support. Otherwise known as alimony, this matter is subject to court approval after the judge reviews the individual circumstances of your case.
  • Property divisionDividing your marital property and debt can be a complicated matter, especially for couples who have complex financial holdings or are coming out of long-term marriages. 
  • Modifications and enforcements of standing court orders. Where current custody and support orders have been violated or where life circumstances have substantially changed making current orders nonviable, we can help you seek modifications or court enforcement through proper legal action.

If you are facing any of the above issues, we urge you to take advantage of our attorney’s long experience and genuine care in serving family law clients in Rockville and the surrounding areas.

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