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Looking out for your child’s interests

At the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, we have more than 25 years of experience working on child support issues with clients in Rockville and throughout Maryland. We will work with you to calculate the proper amount of child support under Maryland’s guidelines, and help you enforce or modify existing child support orders.

Child support guidelines in Maryland

The purpose of child support is to cover the costs of your child's food, shelter, clothing, education, medication and other needs. We can help you determine the amount of child support a court is likely to award. The factors the courts consider include:

  • Your and your spouse’s incomes
  • Your children’s ages
  • The number of children in your family
  • Childcare expenses
  • Healthcare costs
  • Any special medical needs of your children

Maryland has online child support worksheets to assist parents in calculating the child support obligation. According to the Maryland Code, however, the courts may deviate from these guidelines if the guidelines would create an unjust or inappropriate result in a specific case. An experienced family law attorney can help you determine the amount of child support you may be ordered to pay or that you are likely to receive.

Changes in child support laws in Maryland

Maryland’s child support laws change frequently. One example is a statute titled Child Support Enforcement — Medical Support for Children, which became effective October 1, 2008. This law requires, under certain circumstances, that one or both parents pay health insurance costs for their children. These costs are added to the basic child support obligation and divided by the parents in proportion to their incomes. Parents paying for the healthcare insurance receive a credit toward their general child support obligation.

Rockville child support lawyer Ellen L. Lee stays up-to-date on the constant changes to the laws, and finds ways to make the changes work to your and your children’s advantage.

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