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Divorce Is Just One Part of Maryland Attorney’s Family Law Practice

Handling a wide range of family issues in Rockville and throughout Maryland

At the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee in Rockville, we handle all types of family law issues for clients in Montgomery County and throughout Maryland. Our attorney focuses her practice not just on divorce, but also on child custody, child support, child visitation, property distribution, spousal support (alimony), separation agreements, premarital agreements, postmarital agreements, and domestic violence.

Family law deals with marriage, divorce and children

Family law deals with all types of domestic issues relating to households, relationships and families. Clients throughout Maryland retain our family lawyer to help solve problems relating to marriage, divorce, and financial support for spouses and children.

If you need a Rockville family law attorney for help in any of the following areas, schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee.

  • Divorce — We know that divorce is stressful, but it does not have to be acrimonious. Our family lawyer helps keep the emotions in check so you can focus on the realities of your situation. We achieve as much as possible through negotiation, but we’re not reluctant to litigate when the issues cannot be resolved amicably.
    • Property settlements — The standard for property settlements in Maryland is equitable distribution. That means marital property is divided fairly, which does not necessarily mean equally. State law provides criteria for equitable distribution, including the parties’ age, health, income, skills, employability, assets, liabilities and needs. Our family law attorney advises clients on these issues in Columbia and throughout Maryland.
    • Alimony — Spousal support payments, also known as alimony, are made to a dependent spouse after a divorce. The amount of spousal support is determined by a formula based on the income of each party and other factors. Our family lawyer can help you — whether you are seeking spousal support or being asked to pay it.
  • Child custody and visitation — Our family law attorney helps you determine the best custody arrangement for your children. There are several options, including:
    • Joint custody — Both parents retain legal custody and cooperate in making important decisions for the child. Parenting time, including time spent at each parent’s home, is shared based on an agreement or court order.
    • Split custody — In families with two children, each parent retains primary or sole custody of one child.
    • Sole custody — The custodial parent is the legal guardian, and the noncustodial parent may have arranged visitation.

Our family law attorney has experience with complex custody issues, including relocation and international custody.

  • Child support — Our family attorney makes sure that Maryland’s formula for calculating child support provides adequately for your children without placing an unrealistic financial burden on the parent who is paying support.
  • Abusive or violent households — If you or your children become victims of domestic violence, our family lawyer arranges for your protection through a restraining order.

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If you need an attorney with long experience in family law, consult the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee today. Based in Rockville, we handle cases throughout Maryland. To learn more, call 240-552-6957 or contact us online.

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